Summer of Projects

This is something of a stream-of-consciousness post, mainly intended to organize my thoughts and keep me publicly accountable for things I’m supposed to be doing this summer.

My last piece of paperwork for school is done and going into my office next week. Since this is my first summer without a set work commitment for the summer (that is, my salary was for my school work, so anything I do over the summer gets paid extra), this is my first best chance to get things done with minimal interference from “responsibility” (although I’m sure that will crop up from time to time). As such, here is what my goals are for the summer, sorted by general category:

Clean The Basement – Have you ever seen a teenager’s room before his parents make him clean it? Or a man cave before the man’s wife makes him tidy it up? Well… imagine that the parents or wife can’t get to the room or cave. That’s my basement. This summer, I’m getting that taken care of so that we can, one day, finish the basement. Due Date: End of Summer.
Repurpose the Den – When my wife and I first bought our house, the plan was to make the basement into a social area and kid’s playroom. Then, about two months ago, my wife realized that it wouldn’t work well as a kid’s playroom if she couldn’t easily get into the basement (this is also the reason why the basement needs cleaning as described above). So, the den is going to be the new playroom, which means that things in the den that are not kid-friendly (like the desks piled high with papers) need to be moved into the basement – after I clean it. Due Date: End of Summer.
Screen Door – My wife wants a screen door on the front door so we can let the dog out and stay out without the bugs getting in. Due Date: ASAP.
Secret Family Art Project – Can’t talk about it, it’s a secret. Due Date: End of Summer.
Lose Some Weight (And Keep It Off) – More or less self-explanatory. Being off work, though, is going to give me a chance to watch my diet a little better and take daily walks and bike rides. Now if I can keep it up after the summer. Due Date: Continuous.
Hang Cabinets – It’s only been a year since we bought cabinets for me to hang over the laundry machines. It’s about time to do that. Due Date: Soon.
Spray Paint Table – When we moved into the house, we got a dining room table with it. Not bad – a little too modern for my tastes, but better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. The base of the table, however, needs painting, which I haven’t done in the last couple years. Again, time to get that done. Due Date: Soon.
Seal Driveway Cracks – I’ve killed the weeds growing in the driveway, now I just need to dig them out and make sure they don’t grow back. Due Date: Soon.
Project Coaster – I briefly mentioned this in a post a while ago. I stopped working on it because I ran out of acrylic, and Lowe’s wouldn’t cut any more for me. This summer – if I can find a new supplier of acrylic – I plan to make another run at this. Due Date: None.

RPG Writing:
Living Forgotten Realms GenCon Special – I’m writing SPEC4-6 for GenCon. It’s due to come out at the start of August, so timelines are starting to get tight. Due Date: June 17 for first draft.
Ashes of Athas GenCon adventure – I’m also writing AoA6-2 for GenCon. Timelines are getting tight here as well. Due Date: June 15 for first draft.
D&D Insider articles – I’ve got a couple draft revisions due to Wizards of the Coast relatively soon. Since one of the major rules of paid freelancing is to deliver content on time, I’m on a tight schedule for that as well. Due Date: June 30.
Reclamation mini-adventure – A friend recently got an RPG published, and I offered to write him a mini-adventure. That was back in March. Need to get on that pretty soon. Due Date: July.

Board Game Design:
Alchemists! – With the help of a couple friends, I’ve been trying to get the prototype of Alchemists! ready for pitching to companies. The goal is to get another playtest and some initial pitches done at Protospiel in early July. Due Date: July 5.
24-Hour Design Contest – Someone on the BoardGameGeek forums is running a contest to design a board game in 24 hours – from concept to completed (print-and-play) product. I’m looking forward to trying this, but it ends at the end of June. Due Date: June 30.
Gnomekiller Ale – I’ve gotten some playtest feedback on Gnomekiller Ale, and the short version is that it needs a lot of work. I’m hoping to be able to take it back off the shelf and work on it. Due Date: None.

Speech Pathology:
Home Health Evaluations – While the school year and my contractual obligations are over, I still have the opportunity to work home health through my company to make some extra money, which is not a bad way to spent part of the summer. Due Date: Continuous.
Smarty Ears App – I’m currently working on my second app for Smarty Ears. I’ve had to put it off for a while when work got crazy, but I’m hoping to refocus on it and get the creative input side done by the end of the summer – after I get all the June deadlines done. Due Date: August 15.

So that’s my summer. Wish me luck.

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