Summer of Projects Update: One Week Later…

So it’s a week after I posted my list of summer projects, and I actually have some updates to report already. As follows:

Personal Project: Lose Some Weight. Wow, do I suck at this. The most major problem is that this week, I’ve been doing swallowing evaluations, so I’m in the same place all day, meaning it’s really easy to go out to eat and eat crap. Also, the plan to walk the dog every morning lasted exactly three days. Also, zero bike rides. Not good, but if I get back on track now, I’ll have about nine weeks of good behavior. Next Due Date: Continuous.

RPG Writing: Living Forgotten Realms GenCon Special. Success! First draft went in on time, I got comments back last night, and used a work break today to get a second draft in. Next Due Date: Shortly after I get the next revisions.

RPG Writing: Ashes of Athas GenCon adventure – Partial success! The first draft was a few days late, but it’s done (including a relatively complicated combat encounter). There are undoubtedly revisions that need to be done, because I’ll need to make some changes to accommodate the plot arc as a whole, but having the first draft done feels like a fairly significant accomplishment. Next Due Shortly after I get the next revisions.

Board Game Design: Alchemists! I’ve gotten the latest rules revisions done after reviewing feedback, and I’m sending them out for another round of feedback. I’ve got nomenclature for one game term to decide on, then I’m ready to get the cards printed. On track for Protospiel in early July. Next Due Date: Still July 5.

Speech Pathology: Home Health Evaluations. I did home health evaluations two days this week, and got most of my backlog completed. If I work two or three days next week, I’ll be completely caught up barring new referrals. Next Due Date: Continuous.

At this rate, I’ll be able to complete all the projects in my last post by the end of July, which is a great time frame. Then, of course, I have the projects I forgot about in the last post:

Household: Invisible Fence. We’d like to get an Invisible Fence (or similar generic product) up around our yard to keep the dog penned in. This requires both research (since our 7-pound dog is too small for many brands of electric fence) and calling for estimates. Due Date: July 31?

Household: Tree Removal. In 2006, the home we currently occupy was hit by one-third of a tree. The remaining two-thirds of the tree are still standing (and still alive), but I suspect that’ll last until a really good windstorm, and I don’t want to be responsible for a tree on my property hitting someone else’s house – or worse, their kids. Problem is, it’s really tall. Need to get estimates there as well. Due Date: August 30.

Speech Pathology: Visual Diet Texture Reference. One project I’ve been meaning to engage in is getting a visual reference of the various diet textures to hand out at my homes, because apparently “pea size” is not a clear enough reference for a chopped consistency. This, like a couple of the other projects, is not technically difficult. I just need to find the time to cut up a meal, take a picture, cut the meal up smaller, take a picture, grind the meal, take a picture, puree the meal, take a picture, and arrange the pictures in a pretty fashion. Due Date: Soon.


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