Summer of Projects: Another Update

It’s now almost a month since I initially made the project list, so I felt that another update was due, if only to keep me honest:

Personal: Lose Weight. This week, I finally got back on track with this one. I’ve been riding my bike and walking the dog again, and I’ve been watching what I eat. Hopefully I’ll have good news to report as the summer progresses. Next Due Date: Continuous. Current weight: 252.5 lb.

Personal: Secret Family Art Project. Done. As in, completed. Next Due Date: None.

Writing: Living Forgotten Realms. A playtest of my GenCon adventure was run last week, and I’m reviewing feedback and sending revisions in today. Stalled slightly due to my editor losing power, but I think we’re still in good shape. Next Due Date: Today!

Writing: Ashes of Athas. This adventure isn’t quite as far along as the LFR one, but it’s going out for playtest this week, and most of what I have to add is flavor text. Next Due Date: ASAP.

Writing: D&D Insider. I have negative progress to report here (sort of). I haven’t made any progress on the revisions for the article that had already been submitted, and I got word last week that two additional pitches had been approved for first drafts. So now instead of one article to write, I have three. Good news, but not exactly forward progress. Next Due Date: ASAP.

Game Design: Alchemists! For a variety of reasons, this project is being shelved. First off, while I got it completed in time for Protospiel last weekend, it didn’t actually get played – there was far more interest in my other game. Also, that game seems to have a lot of potential, so I’m going to focus on it instead of this one. Next Due Date: None.

Game Design: Microbrew (24-Hour Contest). This got done a couple weeks ago, and the voting for the best design in the contest is up here (BoardGameGeek membership required; thumb the game you’re voting for). I also took this game to Protospiel last weekend, where a number of people were relatively surprised that it was an untested prototype. I got a lot of good feedback (mainly shoring up the action sequence and to get the core mechanics down before adding ancillary elements), and I’m developing it further for more playtesting either at an upcoming local boardgame meetup or GenCon. Next Due Date: 7/13/2012.

Household: Hang Cabinets. Yesterday, I finished the first step of this project: leveling a piece of wood on the wall on which the cabinets will be balanced. Today, I made a shopping list of materials needed (specifically, what kind of screws I need). Tomorrow, I will be buying those screws, and Thursday, my father is coming over to assist in hanging the cabinets. Hopefully, at the next update, this will be done. Next Due Date: 7/11/2012.

Household: Repurpose the Den. About a week and a half ago, Christine and I went to Ikea to look at shelves for the den. We saw some shelves we liked, and went home to look at all the selections and double-check measurements. Then, we forgot which shelves we wanted to buy. Tomorrow, I’m going to stop at Ikea again, and this time, I’m going to write things down. Either way, we wouldn’t have been able to order the shelves just yet; the cabinets are currently in the den. Next Due Date: 7/11/2012.

Speech Pathology: Home Health Evaluations. At this point, I’m more or less waiting for more referrals to come in. I’ve got my current caseload well managed, and I’m able to work 2-3 days a week on these while working on projects the rest of the week. Next Due Date: Continuous.

Speech Pathology: Visual Diet Texture Reference. I was totally going to do this today! But… the camera is still in Christine’s car, which is with Christine at work. Maybe Thursday. Next Due Date: 7/12/2012.

I’m pretty happy with progress thus far, but I do need to step it up a bit if I want to get everything done by the end of the summer.


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