I Will Stop Fighting Patriarchy In Fandom When…

Yesterday, I put a link to this post from Doctor Nerdlove on my Facebook page. I got a comment from a friend indicating that he was “over” the criticism that nerd culture gets for its sexism because nerds treat women better than the rest of American culture (not to mention what happens in some other cultures). Examples weren’t specifically given, but I’m sure they exist. That’s not the point, and quite frankly, I’m “over” seeing people use comparisons to justify their actions because they aren’t as bad as what’s happening elsewhere. Someone doing worse than you doesn’t mean that you don’t need to do better. Calling what I’ve observed happening to women in fandom “sexism” minimizes what happens to women in fandom. Period. Trying to argue sins of scale Does. Not. Work. With. Me.

With that being the case, I’ve decided to share my list of “When I Will Stop Fighting The Patriarchy In Fandom”. This probably isn’t an exhaustive list; just what I can think of off the top of my head. If you’ve got something to add to the list, feel free.

I Will Stop Fighting Patriarchy In Fandom When…

… people stop threatening to rape women for their role in content creation or their choices of what content to create.
… direct rape threats over Twitter not being a violation of TOS isn’t common knowledge.
… my concerns about my children playing Call of Duty on XBox Live is more about the glorification of violence than the communication culture of XBox Live.
… women stop staying home from conventions out of fear for their personal safety.
“Nothing to Prove” by the Doubleclicks doesn’t get nearly half a million views on YouTube in its first week because of how many people identify with it.
The Dice Tower podcast can’t comment that one of the biggest changes of moving board game days from a game store to another location is a significant increase in attendance by women.
… women can cosplay in Michigan in January without freezing to death.
… I can find a game store in my local area that treats my wife like a valued customer instead of my companion (if at all).
… I go one day without worrying that I will ever feel comfortable sharing my hobbies and their associated communities with my future children (especially any daughters).
… people stop referring to board games with a play time of less than one hour or lacking heavy mechanics as “wife games”.
… women working at convention booths, game stores, and comic stores are seen as (and employed as) content creators rather than eye candy.

In other words, not anytime bloody soon.


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1 Response to I Will Stop Fighting Patriarchy In Fandom When…

  1. Teos Abadia says:

    Amen! I do think the culture is changing. Not fast enough, and signs of change isn’t reason to pull back. It’s a reason to keep pushing for change. It is also important to note that it isn’t about turning the tables on any gender/whatever that has had it ‘easy’. It’s about equality and tolerance for everyone.

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