Designing Again: Drunken Meeples

So it has been a while since I updated either of my blogs. Taking a new position doing administrative work and getting ready for a baby can take a lot of the energy out, but I’m setting myself a goal of updating once a week.

Today, I’m sharing Drunken Meeples, a somewhat goofy combination of Wits and Wagers and Beer Pong that I designed last night. Grant Rodiek made a joke about “worker removal” games, and I made a retort about “worker displacement” games (both riffs on the worker placement mechanism in board games). Then, my nerd instincts kicked in, and I started thinking about displacement in fluid mechanics. Drunken Meeples, the first true worker displacement game, is the result.

You might also need more beer. Or more board games.

Beer and board games. Do you really need anything else?

How to Drunken Meeples:

You Will Need:

  • One shotglass, or container of similar volume
  • A bunch (10-20) Meeples, cubes, pawns, and/or other game bits. It works best if these bits are made of different materials (plastic, wood, metal, etc).
  • An opaque container to put the Meeples in
  • Index cards and pens
  • Poker chips, pennies, or another scoring mechanism
  • Access to at least one source of liquid. It’s better if you have more than one, and even better if they have different densities. Using jello shots is not recommended, though.
  • 3-8 players

Game Rules:

1. Someone picks a liquid and announces what the liquid is to all players. Then, someone fills the shotglass an imprecise amount (but at least half full) with the liquid.
2. Each player writes down on an index card his/her name and how many Meeples/bits he or she thinks will fit in the shotglass before it overflows.
3. Each player reveals his or her answer. Arrange these answers in numerical order (or, if you want to be mean to someone who’s easily confused, don’t).
4. Each player takes a poker chip and places it on the answer that he or she thinks is most likely to be accurate.
5. Put all the Meeples/bits in the opaque container. Randomly draw bits out of the bag and place them in the shotglass, counting as you go. Place the Meeples gently; the goal is to overflow the shotglass, not splash the liquid.
6. Once the liquid overflows, the player who had the answer closest to the number of Meeples it took to overfill the shotglass gets one point. Each player who placed a poker chip on that answer gets two points.
7. (Optional step if playing with alcohol) After removing the Meeples from the shotglass, the player who had the guess closest to the actual answer drinks the shot.
8. Continue steps 1-7 until one player has twenty points or until people don’t want to play anymore.

Resolving Rules Disputes: These rules are sort of vague. I wrote them when I was drinking. If a significant rules dispute emerges, remember that you are playing a game about dipping Meeples in beer and/or spirits and stop taking yourself so seriously.

That, friends, is a worker “displacement” game. Also evidence that I am prepared to start telling dad jokes to my daughter the second she emerges from the womb, and that I’m not afraid to include multiple obscure references in the same bad dad joke.

I promise that next week, I will write about a game design that I am pursuing beyond the next social event.

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