You have stumbled upon the personal blog of John du Bois.

You can expect to find the following here:
-Ramblings about board games and roleplaying games.
-Ramblings about politics (strong social justice leaning).
-Ramblings about religions (Catholic, social justice focus).
-Ramblings about disability policy (my wife has a physical disability, and sometimes interesting things happen).
-General ramblings about life

You can expect to not find the following here:
-Anything about my job. This is my personal blog; I keep my work stuff over here.
-Any specific details about my family. This is a personal blog, but it’s not a private one.

If any of these categories start to overwhelm the others (for instance, if I happen to land a freelancing contract or a game I’m trying to work on gets picked up by a developer), I’m likely to split that category off into a different blog entirely rather than spamming this one. If I do, you’ll see it linked here.


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