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Chrononauts, Alternate History RPGs, and the Discworld

This post is dedicated to Sir Terry Pratchett. My first PC was named Rincewind, and it’s safe to say I wouldn’t be writing this post if it wasn’t for reading his books in middle school and high school. The March … Continue reading

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UnPub 5 Aftermath, or What I Learned From 60 Playtests in 20 Hours

Last weekend, I got to attend the UnPub 5 convention in Baltimore. I was one of the lucky designers who pledged to their Kickstarter in time to get a designer table, and I brought short enough games that over the … Continue reading

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TableTop Day (Weekend) 2014

(Reblogged from my BoardGameGeek blog) Last year, I helped a new local game store organize TableTop Day events for the store. To be honest, it was something of a bust – games didn’t go off as planned, the store ended … Continue reading

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Designing Again: Drunken Meeples

So it has been a while since I updated either of my blogs. Taking a new position doing administrative work and getting ready for a baby can take a lot of the energy out, but I’m setting myself a goal … Continue reading

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Building a Dice-Building Game: First Steps

With Bread and Circuses waiting on the USPS to get sent off to a publisher, I’ve been waiting for another game design idea. Such an idea was inspired by Episode 106 of the On Board Games podcast, in which one … Continue reading

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National Game Design Month 2012 – Bread and Circuses Prototype D (Print and Play included)

National Game Design Month, taking place each November (at least each November starting last year), is a social encouragement to stop talking about that game you want to design, and actually design it. I participated last November, and talked about … Continue reading

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Game Design: Bread and Circuses (Print-and-Play included!)

edit: There is an updated prototype for the game that can be found here.This past weekend, my wife, a couple friends from out of town, and I took a trip to Ypsilanti, Michigan, for U-Con. We had a great time, … Continue reading

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