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Building a Dice-Building Game: First Steps

With Bread and Circuses waiting on the USPS to get sent off to a publisher, I’ve been waiting for another game design idea. Such an idea was inspired by Episode 106 of the On Board Games podcast, in which one … Continue reading

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Summer of Projects Update: One Week Later…

So it’s a week after I posted my list of summer projects, and I actually have some updates to report already. As follows: Personal Project: Lose Some Weight. Wow, do I suck at this. The most major problem is that … Continue reading

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Summer of Projects

This is something of a stream-of-consciousness post, mainly intended to organize my thoughts and keep me publicly accountable for things I’m supposed to be doing this summer. My last piece of paperwork for school is done and going into my … Continue reading

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Board Game Design Update: Alchemy, Ale, and Party Games

It’s been a while since I blogged about the projects I started developing as part of National Game Design Month, and as part of a plan to keep myself organized, it’s time to discuss some progress and mention a couple new … Continue reading

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